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Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila

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Olmeca Altos was first launched in 2009 as a result of collaboration between Olmeca and a leading group of British bartenders. Olmeca Altos reposado is the rested expression having aged for at least six months in oak.

The 2012 Wine Enthusiast review noted fruit flavors of pinapple and lychee in the tequila.

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quetzal quetzal (149)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-09-23)
(4 out of 5). Olmeca Altos reposado is a smooth, tasty tequila. It works well in tequila cocktails and is also a good sipper on its own. Nothing about the taste is particularly distinct, but a tequila of this quality for the price ($20 where I live) makes it one of the best values in my area. I would say it's as good or better than the also high quality reposados from Espolón and Milagro, which are about five dollars more.
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NiceQuads NiceQuads (1)
Rating: 2.0 (2015-10-12)
Served neat. Initial lacks flavor but finishes ok. My impression was 'watery'. No sting at all. Perhaps better for mixing.
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DakotaGuy DakotaGuy (78)
Rating: 5.0 (2014-09-02)
The nose hit me as soon as I pulled the cap off. Wonderful traditional tequila along with citrus. Great flavor, too. Peppery, citusy, clean, smooth. Wonderful for sipping. I haven't tried it in a margarita yet, but I don't know if I will ever get that far.
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