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Absolut Amber Oak Aged Vodka

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Proof66 Notes

In another edition of interesting expressions, they launched Absolut Amber vodka in 2013, which is a vodka literally aged in European oak. The vodka is aged for a mere six months--the same as "resting" or "reposado" tequilas--and it gives the normally clear spirit a light cast and flavor (hence, "amber"). In January 2016, Pernod-Ricard announced it was discontinuing this particular expression.

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Allan Allan (223)
Rating: 1.0 (2014-11-29)
??????? What????? Uhhuuummmm ? Doesn't this mean it's just a very young whiskey of some sort? Haven't been able to find it to try, but couldn't help asking a question.( Thanks for the correction guys)
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Review Comments
Proof66 Staff (2014-11-28):
This is similar in concept to aged gin, "spirit whiskey" (which is a blend of aged whiskey and vodka), and one could argue even aged rum. The problem is that all of those spirits have a base ingredient that adds flavor. For whiskey it's grain, for rum it's sugar cane or molasses, with tequila it's the floral essence of agave, and with gin it's the heavy botanicals spearheaded by juniper. Vodka is nothing: by definition, it's distilled so high (at least 190 proof) that all of those flavors are stripped out. So aging it gives you nothing but wood. We haven't tried it either but we wouldn't classify it as a whiskey... we've got it down as a kind of "flavored vodka" where the wood is the flavoring agent.


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