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Epic Imported Classic Vodka

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Epic Vodka is a French product made from a base of wheat-grain grown in the Champagne region. It was first launched by Sazerac in 2013 for what they describe as "epic times."

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ferretferret ferretferret (22)
Rating: 5.0 (2016-01-11)
I got this for 29 cents, after the mail-in-rebate. I then entered it into a massive taste-comparison test between all of my vodkas, lumping it with Fleischmann's and Nikolai's, since I expected so little from it. As it turns out, the taste is /almost/ indistinguishable from Tito's. Seriously, for something half the price, I can't believe how similar the taste and quality are. Stoli's still probably my favorite (And, living in Wisconsin means that Russian Standard is $16.00 a bottle, Reyka is $12.00, etc.), so, it has a lot of competition, but, seriously, if you're looking for a budget vodka, take this as your first option. And, f*** Fleischmann's.
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Jzerbs (2017-05-14):
Yes I agree F@$k Fleischmanns, I know a lot of people who like it and consider it the best of the economy, budget, or whatever you want to call cheaper vodkas. Personally I'm not a can of it. Anyways onto Epic just bought some today on sale for $10.99 for a 1.75L originally $14.99, the store was out of the rebate forms but they were also offering a $8 rebate. I think I've found a new go to cheaper priced vodka. Thought the same thing as you, that it was as of comparable quality to vodkas that cost 3x as much.


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