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St. Augustine Hand-Made Florida Cane Vodka

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San Francisco WSC

  • 2015
  • 2016

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Proof66 Notes

St. Augustine Cane vodka is made from a base of Florida sugar cane, an unusual source for vodka in a world that is dominated by grain spirits and more commonly associated with rum. Their spec sheet mentions that they "re-distill cane neutral spirit made in Florida," which suggests to us they source their spirit from a local plant and rectify it on site, a practice sometimes known as polishing, to improve the flavor and purity.

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Community Notes

Bottled in St Augustine FL this premium vodka is distilled from sugar cane. Haven't found it outside Florida though

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tnmike1 tnmike1 (57)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-06-30)
Discoveed this vodka on a recent visit to the St. Augustine distillery. It is a small batch vodka and, as the description states, is made of local ingredients, namely sugar cane. A very pleasant vodka whether you mix or drink it on the rocks. My only problem--and why it's four stars instead of five--is its outrageous price of almost $40 per bottle. For that coin, I can get a Tito's, Russian Standard or Stoli and have money left over.
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Review Comments
Yankel W. (2015-08-16):
Or, you could get 6 bottles of Vladimir, and change back. And, finish them up and you'll really have hair on your chest! The "28 brave, beautiful local people" is the clue to the price. Poor old Popcorn coulda been a star if he had had "28 brave, beautiful locals" on his team. He could'a been a contender! .


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