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Grand Traverse Distillery True North Cherry Flavored Vodka

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True North Cherry vodka is made with the same Michigan rye and pure glacial water as their signature neutral vodka. The spirit is then infused with Michigan cherries. As a final touch, they include a hint of chocolate.
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lexxia1 lexxia1 (18)
Rating: 5.0 (2010-10-24)
Hey its Lexxia1 here to tell you about this great vodka.....True North Cherry Vodka.....I live in Michigan wheres it made so i had to go to some upscale grocery store to find guess what.....its 30$......ouch.....alot of the premium vodkas cost that much......True North vodka though is something the all u can smell is cherry....its really the the rocks this vodka is strong....u can taste the cherry....u can taste the quality of ingredients....just a great tasting the best part is when u make mix this goes with everything......really adds that xtra flavor to any mixed drink......they make the vodka in Grand Traverse michigan.....which has some of the best cherry in the USA......if you want something new.....or want to add a little xtra taste your party....go ahead spend the 30 bucks....ull love this vodka....its a great product....Im lexxia1 for Better Smarter Liquor
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ChrisCarlsson ChrisCarlsson (334)
Rating: 4.0 (2010-09-25)
A very well done cherry vodka. The chocolate plays off the cherry very nicely and keeps the cherries from balanced out ( rather than getting too cherry candy or medicinal in flavor. The rye base carries the flavors well and has a good weight/mouthfeel to it the flavors are natural tasting, balanced and not overdone.
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