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Bison Ridge Canadian Whisky

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Bison Ridge Canadian whisky is listed as a blend aged for at least 8 years prior to bottling. We have it provisionally listed with the Crosby Lake Spirit Company, which appears to be the importer (and potentially the bottler/blender) for the whisky. They say it is an homage to the blended whisky that made it's way (er, smuggled) across the Canadian border during Prohibition.

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jaketaz jaketaz (240)
Rating: 2.0 (2015-07-10)
Imagine that you are looking at a shelf of flavored vodkas, where each flavor has a colorful label saying "whipped cream", "raspberry", or "citrus", and somewhere in the lineup there's a bottle that says "whiskey". That's what this is like. It's like a neutral spirit with "whiskey flavor" added to match up to someone's weird idea of what whiskey is supposed to taste like. It tastes like nothing, with a faint smell of gala apple, and serves only as a vehicle for other flavors. For example in a whiskey sour you would have a vaguely "adult" lemonade... in an Irish Coffee you'd have a vaguely adult coffee etc. There are other better whiskeys at this price.
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Review Comments
Muncher (2015-09-26):
Interesting and creative review. I can see your description here used on many of the Canadian whiskys that I've tried.

Crgaudette Crgaudette (9)
Rating: 3.0 (2013-06-28)
Good stuff. A little spicy. Bought it on sale. Great bang for the buck. Not available everywhere though, had to look for it.
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