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Breaker Bourbon is aged for 5 years and produced out of California and named for the breaking surf of El Capitan. They say that the aging done in Southern California adds a unique character to the bourbon.

Ascendant Spirits was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 2011 by Stephen Gertman.

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memphis memphis (13)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-11-05)
Although they have a still I believe the juice they are using at the moment is sourced. They say the juice has been aged for five years but they started operations in 2011. Also, the bottle has a wide distribution and must have been produced in large quantity. That being said, the juice is quite tasty. I would really like it if sourced bourbon tasted bad, or perhaps my taste buds are not too sophisticated. For perspective, I really like Eagle rare 10 and Woodford double oak, and dislike the four roses single and bulleit. This juice has a nice sweetness to it which catches me every time. There is very little spice in the back end so I would guess there is only 10% rye or so. I understand it is aged 5 years but I think it needs a couple more years to let the oak become more pronounced. Coastal Cal where their location is is fairly mild temperature wise so they dont get the heat that Kentucky does. An excellent start! I cant wait to see what they themselves make.
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