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Bushmills 16yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey

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The Bushmills 16yr is considered a single malt whiskey (made with 100% malted barley); it's aged in both American bourbon and Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. Finally, it's rested in a Port wine barrels for a few months prior to bottling.

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cgtboy1988 cgtboy1988 (162)
Rating: 4.5 (2016-11-11)
Very good, complex flavored stuff. The flavors are strong, the sweetness is just right. More alcohol burn than I expected and generally like, particularly given the 40% abv. Still, excellent stuff. The sherry cask shines through with red wine and fruity flavors. There is a savory element, almost saffron like, and a touch of malt and caramel. The price is a about what I would expect for stuff of this caliber- I got mine for about $55. The ~$90 price point I have seen it at is a bit high compared to some of the other great whiskeys this competes with.
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US Spirit US Spirit (82)
Rating: 3.0 (2016-03-08)
If you're a fan of Irish whiskey in general, take my review with a grain of salt. I'm personally much more of a bourbon drinker than an Irish whiskey drinker. My mother is a fan of Irish whiskey though, and this one on particular, so I've had it more than once, and I don't love it. Irish whiskey is generally known more for its gentleness, approachability, and sweetness than its complexity, so I have to hand it to Bushmill's, their 16 year old is NOT your every day dram. The 3 different barrels used in aging this spirit(port, bourbon, and sherry) do give it a subtle, nuanced complexity that I haven't tasted in any other Irish whiskey. There is a bit of red wine, a bit of dark fruit ( raisin, current, bitter black cherry), and maybe a hint of dark chocolate here. And even I certainly don't find it objectionable. That said my problem with the 16 year old is that I find it to be an unusually dry Irish whiskey. I actually personally prefer the 10 year old (which is not nearly so highly rated here) which has a much more typical honeyed clover/heather grain profile. I also personally find Bushmill's 10 year old smoother. So what's my advice? If you're a fan of Irish whiskey, ignore my rating and go for this. Its super high rated and almost universally loved by fans of Irish whiskey. My mother included. If you are a bourbon drinker first and foremost, do not make this a blind buy though. You might prefer the 10 year old as I do, or even Black Bush. Am I biased? Probably. I've noted before (when reviewing Bulleit products) that I generally feel sweetness in a whiskey is a necessity. The first time I thought I liked the 10 year old better I wondered if my memory was mistaken, so when I gave my mother a bottle of this for her birthday I asked for a small dram. I was amazed to find my memory was accurate, that I still don't care for it and specifically prefer the 10 year old. Believe it or not if this wasn't $65 a bottle (and even then only because I found a really good sale) I would have poured my dram out. So I'm a weirdo where this one is concerned, and again Irish whiskey fans should ignore my criticism, but bourbon fans looking to break into Irish whiskies might want to take note and begin exploring with something more typical and sweeter.
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  • - DevilBeats up voted your review on 2017-04-11.

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petera11an petera11an (1)
Rating: 5.0 (2015-05-11)
I bought at an airport duty free having enjoyed the Black Bush previously and didnt think much of it until I decided to crack the bottle open one night to sample it with an ice cube. Despite having 17 blends and single malts in the cabinet, this is the whisky I reach for when I feel like a drink. It is pricey, but I savour each mouthful because I will continue to buy, and drink this for the foreseeable future.
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Muncher Muncher (659)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-06-21)
Dark fruits, oak, and wine tannins(?) on the nose. The flavor is similar but there is a hint of pine in the profile. The finish leaves you with oak and dry red wine. I've never had anything like it. Very unique. This stuff makes you think a little bit more than the standard sweet, and overly simple, whiskeys that tend to come out of Ireland.
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  • - Thrain II up voted your review on 2016-10-13.

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Irishman Irishman (434)
Rating: 5.0 (2013-11-07)
Absolutely wonderful! Enjoyed mine with a couple ice cubes. It starts light and refreshing and then finishes with an explosion of complex flavors. There are definitely very distinct flavors from the 3 different casks they age it in. $65 is a little pricey for me to buy with any frequency, but it definitely makes a great gift for your favorite Irishman.
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  • - johnniewalkens up voted your review on 2014-04-14.

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NeatPour NeatPour (361)
Rating: 5.0 (2013-08-06)
This is a beautifully balanced example of wine influence on scotches. My guests that enjoy red wine seem to cozy up to this quite easily. It is a smooth quality malt with a lovely red wine notes. I find irish whiskey to be quite subtle & floral so imbuing it with red wine casks is rather ingenious imo. It also presents a very nice value. I had previously enjoyed smokey/peaty scotches alongside steak but this may be my new favorite steak side :)
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  • - peathead up voted your review on 2016-10-17.

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ReligionSucketh ReligionSucketh (27)
Rating: 5.0 (2011-12-17)
I'm not normally a fan of Bushmills, having tried both the original and Black Bush and been unimpressed with both. That said, Bushmills 16 is amazing! If it weren't $75 a bottle where I work, this would be my go to whiskey. Lots of fruit, with hints of vanilla and spice.
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Buck Mulligan Buck Mulligan (80)
Rating: 5.0 (2011-11-30)
The 16 yo Bushmills is exceptional in color, and no doubt tinted by the port barrels it ages in. The subtle fruit notes that linger on the back end have to be due to the port barrels as well. This is extremely smooth and belongs in the same conversation with Middleton Very Rare. I see where the other guys on here prefer it over ice. Id def do ice in the summer, but in the cold, dark winter months drinking this neat will warm the soul! Great pour.
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mvg1 mvg1 (34)
Rating: 5.0 (2011-08-25)
This to me is simply amazing. Its like a wonderful bushmills 10 year mixed with a great port wine. That is the best way to describe it, and cheaper than jameson 18.. You have to try this whiskey or you will miss out!!!! Next bushmills 21.!
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jasonjohnson1898 jasonjohnson1898 (22)
Rating: 4.0 (2009-05-11)
Almost odorless but I get a hint of a summer campfire. The taste starts a little sweet and finishes bold and warm. A must try. The flavor relaxes down the throat and gets warm in a hurry. I'd recommend this one on the rocks instead of neat.
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  • - johnniewalkens up voted your review on 2014-04-14.

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