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Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky

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Caribou Crossing is a whisky from stocks that Buffalo Trace acquired and has bottled according to their standards and tastes for production. According to the press release, the barrels used for aging are selected by Drew Mayville, who serves as "Canadian Whisky Master" for Sazerac. They suggest looking for flavors of "radiant hued nectar" and an "oak finish with an orangey tang." Currently (February, 2010), the whisy is not acknowledged on their website.

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Cranecreek Cranecreek (281)
Rating: 3.0 (2017-05-02)
Not nearly what it was hyped as, I got talked into this by a liquor salesman. Said it was the best Canadian because of the "single barrel" designation. After my purchase I read somewhere : "If you do not like Canadian whiskey than you will probably not like this" Well in short I don't and I did not. No perceptible nose and very subdued taste. Grain forward with a rather sour background. I think a dram of Canadian Club would deliver about the same. We get fooled these days with a pretty bottle and a over hyped advertising scheme.
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Review Comments
Weaselwhisky (2017-05-03):
That's too bad. Single barrel is a gamble, which being a Canadian....this is the only one- not if you count Canadian Club 12 Small Batch for its attempt to make itself individual per batch. Doesn't help we don't know the Canadian whisky source that BTrace gets it from.

Cranecreek (2017-05-03):
I think the fact that this is bottled at 80 proof did not help. I can't think of another "single barrel" with such a low proof. The whole idea behind single barrel is to provide a greater amount of character and taste.

Buck Mulligan Buck Mulligan (80)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-04-15)
Im a complete novice regarding Canadian Whiskey (after all my favorite, Crown 16 Cask, was discontinued in 2012, so you see how much I know), and I have not tried this on the rocks yet, but neat it has wonderful citrus tones and reminded me of a cordial. It is lighter than a bourbon (more comparable to an Irish whiskey) but has good depth to it...not too light by any stretch. If you like Canadian drams please sample this one and review it.
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Allan Allan (219)
Rating: 5.0 (2014-03-28)
Bar none the only Canadian Whiskey I would ever sip neat. Usually I would gig a whiskey for being a bit to light but that is a defining character of the genre so I give it a pass. On the other hand this lacks that cheap stale taste of other brands. It has a creamy flavor that is a bit fuller than most Canadians. Sweet with a bit of cream sherry and some vanilla. Best in class by far!
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thebeardedweiss thebeardedweiss (24)
Rating: 4.0 (2012-08-30)
It has a nice combination of sweet and spicy with neither characteristic overpowering the other. While Forty Creek is still my current favorite, I would gladly share this with friends whove never tried good Canadian whisky.
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