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Charter 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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San Francisco WSC

  • 2010
  • 2011

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Charter 101 is one of the offerings from 2008 Distillery of the Year Buffalo Trace. It is a "rye recipe" bourbon, meaning the proportion of the spicier rye grain is higher than typical bourbons.
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Tango Tango (305)
Rating: 1.5 (2016-10-25)[Updated Review]
Charter 101 is a failure in Old Charter line. Jim Murray in 2014 Whisky 2014 Whisky Bible is singing songs of praise about beehive of honey in this whisky. I want a bourbon, not honey -like bourbon ,or honey flavored bourbon . The nose is mostly leather with little vanilla. The entry is heated with brief palate of leather with hint of spice and vanilla followed by beehive of honey. It is not good straight or mixed.Any of Heaven Hill Bonded in Bond brands are better. Also, Old Grand-Dad 100 ,Wild Turkey 101 , and Old Ezra 101 are same price. There is no reason to buy Charter 101
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StanMemTn StanMemTn (151)
Rating: 3.0 (2012-09-09)
Hot. Spice. Sweet. In that order. I'd prefer the 10-yr expression if I wanted this mash bill or I'd prefer Wild Turkey 101 if I was looking for the heat.
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