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Coopers' Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Coopers' Craft proudly announces itself as the first new bourbon brand in 20 years by Brown-Forman (though they have launched many other brands). The name is a nod to the company's practice of making its own barrels ("coopers"). The press release compares to their other brand "Old Forester" (suggesting it comes from the Early Times Distillery of Louisville) but with more corn and less rye, suggesting a smoother flavor profile and perhaps more likely to emphasize the flavors of the wood.

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Golfcollector Golfcollector (20)
Rating: 3.7 (2017-04-05)[Updated Review]
This is my first of what I hope is many reviews. I wanted to start with a product I had this past summer of 2016 in Louisville. The bartender asked if I wanted to "Try" a product they recently got in...and he had not had it yet so wanted my opinion. This bourbon was Coopers Craft. A distinctive blue label reminding you of a favorite pair of blue jeans....and that is a good comparison to this bourbon. Nothing fancy, not expensive but it gets the job done and the more I have it, the more I want to go back to it. It is an easy drinker, smooth, a bit of vanilla and a some hints of oak and a bit of sweetness....pleasant honeyish nose. Nothing super complex. Just a easy sipping bourbon. The best part is the price, at somewhere in the $25-30 range. For the money, you don't expect a ton, and to me, this delivers a great value for the price. Really wish I did not have to get it shipped from half a country away to get it in my home. Rated this one a bit higher due to value versus drinkability alone. Would also suggest this one to your friends that are just getting into bourbons for the first time.
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