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Crown Royal XO Cognac Finish Blended Canadian Whisky

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Crown Royal XO was first launched in Dcember of 2013 as an extension of their premium line. It's a blend of mandy different whiskies and flavored (as most Canadian blends are) with vanilla, spice, and fruit. The aging is done in oak and then finished in French Limousin that previously held cognac, which should give a light wine character to the whisky.

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This bottle has 4 ratings and 4 reviews.
Devilbeats Devilbeats (112)
Rating: 2.5 (2017-05-28)
This is leaps and bounds better than Crown's fine-de-luxe bottom tier dishwater. Nose is simple and sweet, really showcasing the cognac finish with caramel, sweet oats, and a wisp of fresh pancakes that meets the tongue with as much maple syrup as you'd expect. Also on the palate I get cinnamon, nutmeg, slight vanilla and vague brandy flavors. The Crown 'velvet' mouthfeel is here, and has an interesting character, until you swallow- where you're promptly left with the usual Crown dry, bitter wood finish met with a hollow, sweet cream aroma. Also present with an ethanol pungency that reminds you that indeed, we have a NAS in our glass. If this was side by side with fine-de-luxe in price, the gripes I have would be forgivable. But dear sweet sister mary if I pay fifty plus for a bottle of whiskey, NAS or not, I want to be able to muse over it with more than the qualities I can find in an IHOP breakfast. It's a fair whiskey if you can find it for $20, or just get the Rye one. It's much better for the price.
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Review Comments
Cranecreek (2017-05-28):
Good to know about this- I don't think I will be trying anymore "Canadian" just too bland. The only one I cared for was the CR Black, and it had a "manufactured" quality to it.

KaiserSoze (2017-05-29):
I've debated over this one for the last 2 years and every time, I always move on and think I can spend my $50 on a better bottle. After reading your review, I think I can safely say I won't ever spend my money on this.

DevilBeats (2017-05-29):
@Cranecreek Funny you mention that, I think the Black was meant to taste like a bourbon anyway!

Devilbeats (2017-05-29):
@KaiserSoze XO isn't really terrible, it's just simply not worth the price of admission. If you're thinking of trying one of the higher Crowns though, I hear their Noble Cornerstone Blend is actually really good. It's around the same price iirc.

TLCrawford TLCrawford (8)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-02-14)
Flavor and a little heat.
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Muncher Muncher (658)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-08-08)
Very interesting. The smoothness of a brandy paired with some rye like mintiness. This is a very good whisky but I like the Black a little bit better. I'm a sucker for the bold and the robust.
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Phizbin Phizbin (432)
Rating: 2.0 (2014-03-30)
I bought this on sale at $40 hoping it would be about as good as Crown Royal Reserve, which I find a little tame but smooth and nice for people who don't like to wrestle with their whiskey when drinking. The XO isn't the same... it smells a bit like cognac/brandy but then has so much brown sugar flavor in it it tastes a bit like rum. It has a bitter finish that I tend to associate with an aging problem in the barrel. Aside from the brown sugar and the bitter, the whole thing has that Crown smoothness that I tend to associate with "boring." I stare at this bottle now and I wonder what I'm going to do with it. It's not so bad that it really deserves 2 stars but I had to lower it by a star just because I'm so disappointed.
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Review Comments
Devilbeats (2017-05-28):
Aging problem indeed. I feel the same, I'm halfway through my bottle by this point and I'm growing more reluctant to pour it, especially when it sits next to Redbreast, KC Single Barrel and Ardbeg


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