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Defiant American Single Malt Whisky

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Defiant American Single Malt whisky (note the Scotch tradition of spelling "whisky" without the "e" rather than the American tradition of "ey") is made from a base of 100% malted barley and blended down with local mountain spring water. It is aged in "lightly toasted" casks and also uses a method of immersing "spirals" or oak shavings into the spirit as well to help increase contact between wood and whiskey (a method of accelerating aging sometimes also called "chipping"). The whisky has no declared age statement (we guess a younger, brasher whisky) and bottled at 82 proof—a touch higher than most big-market bourbons but a bit less than the common 86 proof single-malt scotch.

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Blue Ridge Distilling Co., Inc., Bostic, NC Distilled from %100 Malted Barley 750 ml

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Rating: 5.0 (2014-11-08)
Great Whisky. Good looking bottle with wooden stopper. Attractive labeling. You can tell some money and research went into this design. So many small local distillers skimp on the design of their packaging (many look straight out of the clip art folder), but this one looks great on your bar. Wonderful nose. A hint of oak with a malty sweetness. Hints of tobacco and leather as well. Enters the palate with a mild sweetness that hangs around in the background until the finish. Mid-palate is my favorite part of this whisky. A wonderful smoke and leather combination, paired with that sweetness in the background. Dry finish with limited burn. This was the first whisky that I enjoyed drinking neat. Drink it on the rocks and the sweetness takes center stage, relegating the smoke and leather to a supporting role. Equally enjoyable either way. This first hit the market at $55. I was super nervous buying that first bottle and treated it like liquid gold, stretching it out over several months. When I was ready for my second bottle I was delighted to see it at $40. With a few mass produced ryes and bourbons going for near that price (several of which I enjoy) Defiant is definitely worth the few extra dollars for a unique whisky. 5 STARS!
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