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Evan Williams 2006 Vintage Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Each year, the Heaven Hills releases a limited edition, single-barrel bourbon, which we list separately. This is the Evan Williams 2006 Vintage, which is aged between 9 and 10 years first released in 2015. For the 2006 vintage, they partnered with the Kentucky derby /p>

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This bottle has 2 ratings and 2 reviews.
Cranecreek Cranecreek (294)
Rating: 2.0 (2016-01-12)
Sorry Evan 'ol boy but your 2006 did injustice to the 2005, which is one of the best Bourbons you can obtain, given the price. I have seen these vintage bottles at under $20.00. Where the 2005 stood out in exotic aromas and tastes, the 2006 delivers the nose but fails on taste. A little bitter and can I say "swampy"? Too much barrel char and interaction with the wood. Toasted tannins. Looking forward to meeting the class of 2007 !
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Yankel W. Yankel W. (84)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-09-11)
EDIT: 9/11/15 After tasting BT, I must give a full 4 stars to this bottle. The BT is a no show on taste or character. BT makes this bottle stand out like a"hari-on-yer-chest" bourbon. It is still overpriced, and that ourrageously. ###begin initial review -3 1/2 stars///In my area, this stuff lists for $32. and is definitely overpriced.I note that "interest" has fallen off for this item, since the 2004 vintage. This is a 9-yr aged whiskey according to the label. The nose is pleasant - mildly alcohol, sweet without a determination of a particular "sweet source". The nose promises nothing outstanding. It is mild. The palate is sweet, mildly oak and no pepper initially, but finally, a bit of warmth on the underside of the tongue, but still not pepper. Take a slug, swallow and the back of the throat begins to sense the oak (quite mild) and there is also a hint of bitter, but it passes quickly. I think the 2005 Review offers a good thought - Elijah Craig is as good, perhaps a bit more enjoyable - and cheaper. Both have corks, so there ya go. I imagine that Buffalo Trace is every bit as good - and beyond - but I can't find it without driving some distance since the Socialist, patronage-appointees of the GUM-Store cannot maintain a 5-year plan that includes getting decent product to many of its captive citizens. The afterglow is quite sweet and lasting. Long finish. I got this on sale - priced at Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Rather than jump on the BTB, I would as soon as buy EW BIB White Label at 100 proof - a large jug - and pocket the change. Or Old Grand Dad Bonded Bourbon, or... So, I wouldn't drive more than about two blocks to get this product - on sale or nay. There is nothing to recommend it over and above the tastier Heaven Hill offerings. I gave it one star for being Boubon. You could take a dram of Geo. Dickel 12 and forget this stuff in about 10 seconds. No ice or anything other than 1/2 teaspoon of water was used during this episode. AND, if you sample Mt. Gay Black Bottle Rum, you may give up Bourbon and move to the Islands. NOTE to Heaven Hill: your fake wax bottle neck "covering" is plastic and a damned nuisance to remove. Do you seriously believe that some idiot is going to think what is in the bottle isn't of the same, faked pretentious mindset? And, "vintage" is for vintners.
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Review Comments
Yankel W. (2015-09-09):
The brochure on the neck declares that Wine Enthusiast has declared that the Vintage whiskey has been better than the previous year. "Vintage" associated with such a claim is moronic, since vintners know that bad years are commonplace - with great years rare. At least there is an age statement and barrel number. d


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