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Evan Williams 2008 VIntage Single Barrel Kentucy Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Each year, the Heaven Hills releases a limited edition, single-barrel bourbon, which we list separately. This is the Evan Williams 2008 Vintage, which is aged 8 years first released in 2016.

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Jmess Jmess (13)
Rating: 4.0 (2017-02-22)
Good bottle of bourbon. Couldn't find any eagle so gave this a try . For 27.00 it's a great bottle . Will have to buy another one
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Cranecreek Cranecreek (281)
Rating: 3.5 (2016-12-10)[Updated Review]
"Edited 8-29-16" I have since my first bottle purchased a bottle from barrel #76, aged 8years/2 months. This bottle had a higher amount of bold Oak with an Almond / Amaretto flavor. The flavors of dark honey, cloves and light leather were still evident from my 1st bottle from barrel #35 Oaked on 4-16-08 and bottled on 4-22-16. Aged to right at 8 years rather than the typical 9 years plus that these bottling's have been. Not a bad thing at all given the extreme woodiness of the 2007. Light Auburn color with an enticing and buttery nose. Caramel, honey, buttered popcorn and light leather and Oak carry from the nose to the taste. Tamed is the bitterness that accompanied the 2007. The palate profile is very similar to Elijah Craig, being less sweet and not as deep of flavor. Well done and if the earlier bottling was made because the bourbon was ready than great. My rating reflects not only the taste but also because I applaud Heaven Hill for producing an affordable Single Barrel with vintage dating. In this time of NAS bourbons I appreciate knowing where and when my whiskey was produced. Note....if you explore a little you can usually find these vintage bottles 2 @ $40.00.
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Review Comments
Jaiblevins (2017-01-28):
In think they have found the ideal aging for this bourbon, at 8 years, although my first esoteric with the 12 year old i purchases in 2010 was marvelous, the 8yr old 2008, is much more accesiblw to the average whiskey drinker.

Cranecreek (2017-01-28):
Agreed-after 8years in the barrel it can get iffy on the tannins- depends on alot of variables.


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