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Glen Grant The Major's Reserve Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Glen Grant Majors Reserve scotch is named for James "the major" Grant and designed to be "fresh and light." It is aged for 10 years and bottled at a relatively light 80 proof, making it lighter-bodied by design and likely easily accessible to the would-be scotch explorer. 

Glen Grant traces its founding to 1823 founded by two formerly illicit distillers of scotch: brothers John and James Grant.

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robertwayne64024 robertwayne64024 (7)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-09-29)
A Youthful Scotch, but full of malty and vanilla flavor. There is a hint of nuttiness, no peat, and a medium finish. If you like a well made Scotch unencumbered with heavy peat or raisiny sherry finishes, this may well be your ticket.
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Rolugomi Rolugomi (36)
Rating: 5.0 (2016-06-12)
Apple and cream, butter, nut and vanilla. Smooth, good for sipping, and with a finish that leaves you wanting more
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