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Manhattan Baby Bourbon whiskey is the same spirit as the Hudson Corn Whiskey, made with 100% New York corn. But in this case they're aged in new American Oak bourbon barrels for at least two years. This qualifies the spirit as an honest American bourbon (they can be made in any US state, not just Kentucky).

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This bottle has 8 ratings and 7 reviews.
US Spirit US Spirit (82)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-11-26)
This is the most expensive whiskey (or spirit for that matter) that I ever bought. The price for this is outrageously high (around $37 per bottle) and was even worse when I got mine (around $50). Wait, what's that you say that isn't too bad? You don't know the worst part yet: this only comes in 375ml bottles! It's over $70 per fifth, and the price I paid equals $100. I explained the pricing that way because this (and all Tuthiltown Spirits) comes in a funny little round bottle that I, at least, did not realize was a half size bottle until after I bought it. If I had realized the true price I never would have made the purchase. Anyway, enough about the price, how is this stuff? The answer is that its quite good and very interesting. To my knowledge, there is no other bourbon like this being made anywhere. It is bottled unfiltered. It is also distilled in a pot still from a 100% corn mash (no rye, barley or wheat at all), aged "under 4 years", and aged in barrels that are smaller than the typical 55 gallons. This last difference increases the ratio of surface area to liquid and can (to an extent) accelerate the aging process. The use of the pot still (as opposed to a column still) is also fairly unique (the only other bourbons I know of which are distilled in pot stills are Woodford Reserve (partially), Widow Jane, and Hillrock Solera bourbon. The significance of the pot still is that one the one hand its more expensive and less efficient because they have to distill in batches rather than continuously like a column still. The reason why anyone still bothers with this more difficult process is because they also leave in certain (desirable) fusil alcohols which lead to a "heavier" body and different taste profile than in a column still. The end result of all these unusual practices is an interesting and flavorful whiskey that seems much older than its 2-4 years (honestly it seems older than any 10 year old bourbon I've had apart from maybe Four Roses Single Barrel). The corn influence is obvious and very powerful. Unsurprisingly, this is the most corn-forward bourbon I've ever had. I get sweet, corny, grassy notes along with wood, nicely balanced by a little sweet vanilla and caramel. Unlike most other bourbons which tend to give more of a starchy dent corn note, this actually has notes of fresh sweet corn. The nose follows the flavor profile. I've found this stuff to be great over ice and neat, although its hit and miss in traditional bourbon cocktails due to the lack of rye and powerful corn presence. It does make a pretty good (if unusual) Old Fashioned though. Anyway, the price is steep, and no, its not quite as good as Woodford Reserve, Blanton's or Four Roses Single Barrel imo, but its so different, and just so clever I'm still really glad I bought this bottle. Also because of its richness (and hit and miss nature as a mixer) the half sized bottle lasts longer than you'd expect. I'm just totally taken with the cleverness shown by Tuthiltown here. If they changed anything this stuff probably wouldn't work. IE the all corn mash would probably be worse if it was older (corn loses flavor as it ages which is why no one else does all corn bourbon), the use of the small barrels was probably another key change, the pot still and lack of filtration were two other ingenious ways to speed up time. As enthusiastic as I am here, do I feel like this is a must have for every bourbon drinker? No. It's very good but not the absolute best bourbon I've had. But even given the price its almost certainly worth trying for anyone who likes exploring bourbon. I also shows why the "moonshine" trend is so silly, and why aging is so important because in as little as 2 years even a small still and an all corn mash can produce a wonder brown liquor with a ton of corn character. 4 stars.
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lpy89 lpy89 (224)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-10-21)
I was skeptical at first due to high pricing (for a small bottle that is) and was thinking this would be more flash than substance. After nosing and tasting this however, i don't regret opening up my wallet to this baby. It's not overly complex, with straightforward notes of heavy oak and corn along with hints of vanilla and maple, but the notes are very good. Tastes dry and finishes extremely smooth, this bourbon is very approachable and is very good for a bourbon that has been aged only 4 years. 100% corn is also a plus for me who doesn't like gluten products. Good unique whiskey that i would recommend everyone to try... however i'm not sure if i will restock once my current bottle is gone.
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kmix kmix (11)
Rating: 3.0 (2015-05-17)
So much oak. Was gifted a bottle, its far to expensive for the volume. Its not bad, but you can do a lot better for a lot less.
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Buck Mulligan Buck Mulligan (80)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-04-17)
I really like the sipping lifes review on this bourbon. Yes, its young, but its crisp and clean and has depth to it far beyond its age statement of roughly four years. Great nose of burnt sugar, wonderfully flavored and warm. With all the mass produced bourbons coming from plants in the Midwest, its nice to find a grain to glass offering.
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joebazz joebazz (29)
Rating: 3.0 (2015-03-01)
I was in a upstate NY local tavern recently and they had this and the Hudson Four Grain.I have been waiting to try them but,was skeptical about the price.$45.00 for a 375mil.I am glad I waited.Good stuff but not worth the bottle price,or the bar price for sure.Worth a try.
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TheSippingLife TheSippingLife (145)
Rating: 5.0 (2011-03-15)
My wife got me this bourbon as a gift, and it is awesome. Its pricey, at $40 per 375ml, but I think its worth it, not the least of which because its a small distillery with limited releases. This is a very tasty bourbon that surpasses my usual staple, Woodford Reserve. It has great color, an outrageous nose, and is all around a great addition to any whisky enthusiasts cabinet.
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ChrisCarlsson ChrisCarlsson (335)
Rating: 4.0 (2010-08-28)
Youngish with some rough edges,but a far amount of roguish charm to it.old style. A great example of a young, but well done whiskey. A good solid value for the money.
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