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Isle of Jura Superstition Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The Isle of Jura Superstition single malt is meant to honor the superstitious traditions of the island life. The scotch is a blend of older and younger whiskies in a "tribute to the people, the traditions and the mystical heritage" of the island.

On the Island of Jura itself, whisky distilling had been going on in a cave on the Isle of Jura as far back as the 1600s but legally began in the early 1800s.

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Muncher Muncher (659)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-05-13)
Plenty of smoke, but it doesn't have the medicinal peatiness that the Islays have. Moderate oak and spice with just a hint of honeyed sweetness. I'm really reminded of the Highland Park 12 year though I think the Superstition has a bit more smoke. I have yet to try the Prophecy but this is definitely a step up from the 16 year. Might end up being a 5 star bottle when I get to the bottom of it.
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ModernCountryGentleman ModernCountryGentleman (4)
Rating: 4.0 (2012-01-26)
This is a light, smooth and well made whisky. The peat smoke has a light touch as the label and all the chatter on the Internet suggests. I'm torn at saying that if you like Johnnie Walker Black you should like this, but the flavour and nose share a lot of charasteristics. There's not much medicinal character to the peat as you would find in an Islay, but the peat does take the first step in this dance. While that smoke lingers lazily in the throat a big fruity, malty and flowery rush charges right by so nothing specific dominates either the taste or the nose. I feel like a real shill sac-o-shite for saying this, but there are notes of lavender and spice in that nose. It made a great Robbie Burns Day 2012 dram around the card table. 
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