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J. Henry & Sons 5yr Wisconsin Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Henry Farm's Bourbon is a whiskey made in Wisconsin and dedicated to whiskey made from grain grown on site at the Henry Family Farms. These grains include their signature heirloom red corn, developed locally at the University of Wisconsin. They partnered with 45th Parallel Spirits to distill their whiskey and age on site.

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cranecreek cranecreek (294)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-02-06)
This Bourbon is produced near to where I live. I have put off purchasing a bottle for a while but finally did. And I found I liked it quite a bit. The nose delivers: Caramel coated popcorn balls-Some sweet grassy aromas with clover and mild mint. Also freshly baked biscuits with honey and Vanilla. Anise maybe?-some leather and faint pipe tobacco. The taste is much like the nose. An earthy quality with toasted rye and creamed corn. Haunting elusive flavors of Anise or licorice, but not at all objectionable. Lots of corn flavor but again "earthy" more like shucking corn. Overall it reminds me of Jim beams "Single Barrel" but with a unique flavor. And a real plus is that it has an age statement- 5 years. I wish more Bourbons would get back to that practice.
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