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John L. Sullivan 10yr The Ten Count Irish Whiskey

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John L. Sullivan Irish whiskey is a product from the Cooley Distillery of Ireland imported by Undisputed International, which appears to be a company specializing in boxing apparel. This makes sense because the whiskey is named for Irish bare-knuckled boxing heavyweight champion John Sullivan.

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irish_and_angry irish_and_angry (2)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-06-20)
Sullivan ten count is a hard whiskey to find, at least in Texas. I tried this at a party and searched fervently until I located the last case in my hometown. As far as blended Irish goes, this tops my charts. Jameson has been moved to bottom shelf as I now revere this smoky, sweet, honey-laden blend. The familiar scent of vanilla and oak rush from the cork to your brain, preparing it for a boxing match with your stomach that is all too common for blends. Instead, however, a smoothness tantamount to a well placed uppercut knocks your taste buds out as opposed to the sloppy jab-jab-cross combo one would expect from a medium priced blend. I can take swigs straight from the bottle and feel my ancestors strength in my bones and gut that pushes me toward confrontation with the vigor of a champion bare-knuckle boxer. If you're lucky enough to find this whiskey, take it home, knock it back and see if you're not ready to go 75 rounds over whether or not Jon Hamm has a career after mad men.
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