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Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18yr Blended Scotch Whisky

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Johnnie Walker Platinum label was first launched in Asia in late 2011 and expanded in 2012 to duty free travel retail outlets (and hopefully not confused with the 18yr Gold Label expression). The press release says only that the whiskey is meant to cater to evolving tastes of the whiskey connoisseur. This appears to be taking over the space formerly occupied by the Gold Label 18yr (which is now the Gold Label Reserve).

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Shmotch Shmotch (115)
Rating: 3.9 (2017-05-07)
A pleasant nose. The taste and body is so light it is an almost diluted experience at first. Balanced with a wisp of smoke in the background. I prefer the Gold, Green and Blue to the Platinum.
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KaiserSoze KaiserSoze (409)
Rating: 4.3 (2016-10-12)
My Dad (who knows very little about Scotch) bought me a bottle for my birthday. Of all the single malts in this price range (or cheaper) he could of bought and he picked this…SIGH. It’s the thought that counts, right? I’ll be completely honest, I was actually very impressed by this stuff! I found the nose and flavor profile to be very similar to standard JWB, only softer, lighter, and more refined. Almost like the rough edges have been polished up and rounded off. It's just as balanced as JWB with nothing being out of place. Smokey milk chocolate on the nose, with a light peppery spice. BIG entry of chocolate covered raisins and cola followed by the spice with a cocoa finish. The finish lingers for quite awhile, so I found it’s really important to take your time with this one. It really does nose and taste like a single malt, but I guess it probably should, given the price tag. At a Buck 15 in my area I can’t imagine ever buying a bottle, but I am really glad I got to try some. It’s definitely worth buying a glass in a bar if anyone offers it.
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  • - BDanner up voted your review on 2016-02-26.

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Chris314 Chris314 (3)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-06-08)
Harsher taste than green but better than black and red. Straight drink not for mixing
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Muncher Muncher (652)
Rating: 3.0 (2015-12-19)
I'm doing side by side glencairns with the whisky that this one is replacing: The Gold Label 18 year. I like the name and the presentation of the Platinum better (though that's not nearly as important as what's inside the bottle). The Platinum's box is appealing and well thought out; it resembles a jewelry box, which is appropriate given the name. The bottle is also very straight lined, cornered, and crystal/jewelry like. On the nose the Platinum has a bit more brine and smoke, whereas the Gold has more emphasis on fruit and honey. I like the Gold's nose better because the Platinum also seems a little more youthful with the alcohol edges that can be detected. The palate follows the trend set by the nose. The Platinum is a little smokier, a bit thinner, and seems more youthful/unrefined. The first thought that came to me when tasting it is that it seemed like a slightly more refined version of the Chivas 12 year. The Gold 18 is richer, better balanced, more refined, and again has the emphasis on the fruit and honey. The finish on the Platinum also resembles the Chivas 12; it's has a little smoke, a hint of char, and is slightly sour. The Gold's finish also has the smoke and char, but it doesn't turn sour the way the Platinum does. Overall the Gold Label 18 is clearly better than the Platinum. I happened to find my Platinum for $79, which is below the average price for it, but I feel that even at that price it's not nearly worth it.
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Allan Allan (219)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-12-12)
A bit less smoky than the Black Label but also a bit smoother; and apple honey based. More approachable and VERY well rounded but not as full a flavor as a single malt of the same price. Like NeatPour said " A bit Blendy tasting". Full flavored but still a bit thin, (if you know what I mean).
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NeatPour NeatPour (357)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-04-12)
4.2/5, it's not at good as double black but somewhat similar to green label, maybe more 'blendy' tasting if you know what I mean. Very rounded and smooth with a moderate smokey ness in the middle. It's like an islay scotch training wheel. If you like this try some of the big boys like ard, laph, and laga ( or port Ellen and brora if your fortunate enough).
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Review Comments
Allan (2015-02-13):
I'm in 100% agreement


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