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Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Johnny Drum Private Stock bourbon is named in tribute to the young boys of less-than-18 years of age who enlisted in the confederate army as drummers. Johnny Drum is said to have come to Kentucky after the war and founded a tradition of "fine sipping whiskey." This is considered a sour mash recipe" and produced in limited batches. It claims to be hand-made by a five-generation tradition of master distillers.

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This bottle has 5 ratings and 5 reviews.
BDanner BDanner (402)
Rating: 4.0 (2017-03-23)[Updated Review]
I don't know what this tastes like, but it doesn't taste like bourbon. I'm wondering if this year's release is vastly different? If Willett is finally using some of their own distillate instead of strictly sourcing? That being said, I really liked it! My ABC Store emailed that they had received some limited items and this one, at $33 was the most affordable, so I bit. Tried neat in a glenncairn, the nose is unique. Dry and Dusty. Musty orange, backed by dried spices and a light note of apple pipe tobacco. There was a mystery note that I couldn't place until I read another recent review that called it cedar. BINGO. Neat it enters with musty orange followed by very dry astringent oak. There is a light sweetness here, but it's in no way the traditional vanilla, caramel or toffee. A long drying finish with the musty citrus lingering. A tick on the hot side reminding you it's 101 proof. A splash had little effect on the nose and added cinnamon and chocolate to the palate, taming the astringency a great deal. Also shortened the finish. Though my Scotch experience is limited, with a splash it reminded me of a good blend, ala Monkey Shoulder. The nose on the empty glass smells like cinnamon bark. I'm not a cigar smoker, but this seems like it would pair well. There is so much going on here, I've waited until I'm about a 1/3 of the way through the bottle to post, just to be sure. This is not one I'd seek out. but I'll definitely pick it up when I see it. Very different.
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Review Comments
Cranecreek (2017-03-25):
Intersting that you experienced the same dusty/musty aspect along with the dryness. I only had the one bottle about 1-2 years ago.

Cranecreek Cranecreek (281)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-01-15)
My 4 star rating is based on price. I was able to purchase this bourbon for $26. At that price it becomes a 4 star easily. Very rich nose of creamy Vanilla, Butterscotch, fig, and Pecan pie. Almost all of the nose carries through to the taste. Even though it is 50% ABV it does not require much dilution. (my drink is with 1 cube). Great flavors of all the nose plus creamed corn and coconut. No spiciness or Rye notes which I do favor in Bourbon. Still it is very good. Proper sweetness. Now, if I had to pay $45, it would become a 3 star quickly. There are some dusty/drying aspects, but it is a minor flaw.
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Review Comments
BDanner (2017-03-23):
They have to have changed this one. Check out my review for the release that just hit this year. I know Willett was sourcing, but their revived distillery has been operating for about 4-5 years now. I think we're starting to get some of their new distillate, possibly blended with whoever they were sourcing from. I liked it, but got no traditional bourbon notes.

scalihan scalihan (44)
Rating: 5.0 (2014-12-16)
Full of flavor. Very nice. Highly Recommend to all bourbon drinkers.
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kakapookakiki kakapookakiki (8)
Rating: 5.0 (2014-06-05)
$25 many places, which is insane for a 100+ proof bourbon that is aged into its teens. One of my personal favorites, this is one to try at least once. You'll likely be impressed and put it into your regular rotation.
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gatomax gatomax (9)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-01-06)
I found this one on the sale rack for $30 and at that price point, one of the better bourbons Ive had. Surprisingly good for a little known brand. At the retail price point of $45, it is a competitor, but there are others that are as good or better, notably Bookers.
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