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Koval Single Barrel Organic Bourbon Whiskey

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Koval Single Barrel Bourbon is made from a base of organic grain. Bourbon, by definition, will include at least 51% corn in its grain bill with the supplement usually rye (high rye bourbons) or wheat (wheated bourbons) with perhaps a bit of barley. Koval uses the East Asian millet grain for their bourbon, making it one of the very few millet-grain whiskeys in the world.

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3DuckDave 3DuckDave (3)
Rating: 3.0 (2016-02-13)
Upon opening the bottle you will notice a heavy oak nose. The bottle states that contents are aged less than 4 years and distilled from 100% grains and certified Organic. The website claims a number of fruity notes, I don't taste them. I taste bourbon, oakey bourbon that isn't very astringent and finishes nicely, not to harsh. This was purchased recently on a trip to Chicago where it is distilled. I bought because it is something that is different than what is available to me locally. I would say the $50 price tag is a bit steep. Probably won't be buying a second bottle anytime soon, probably should've visited one of the city's whiskey bars for a taste first, next time maybe.
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