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Noah's Mill 15yr Small Batch Boutique Bourbon Whiskey

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San Francisco WSC

  • 2005
  • 2011

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Proof66 Notes

Noah's Mill is aged 15 years and bottled at natural strength‐a blistering 114.3 proof.

Thompson Willett (scion of a long Willett family tradition of distilling) founded the Willett Distilling Company in 1935. It operated in the family until they retired in the "early 1980s." It was then purchased by the Norwegian Even Kulsveen (the son in-law of Thompson Willett) who formed Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd, who specialized in blending, finishing, and bottling other stocks of whiskey.

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This bottle has 9 ratings and 8 reviews.
quantumboy7 quantumboy7 (62)
Rating: 4.0 (2017-06-01)
I liked this well enough to grab a second bottle, but Stagg Jr. and Bookers are still my go-to barrel strength bourbons. This one is absolutely worth trying, however. Not as strong as the above-mentioned offerings, so if those leave you out of breath, then Noah's Mill may be just the ticket for you! Complex and tasty, and leaving no doubt in your mind that you're drinking something worth lingering over.
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Review Comments
KaiserSoze (2017-06-02):
This is one I've always wanted to try, but I can't get this in Michigan (or any of the Willet products for that matter). Wild Turkey Rare Breed is another great Barrel Strength bourbon at a fairly affordable price. [email protected] (17)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-08-08)
Had a 15 vintage. It is no where near what it use to be to me. Use to be fantastic. Now, a shadow of itself. It was hands down one of the best even at $55. Now, I think there are others that rival or surpass it at the $40 range. Still very good. Just not fantastic. It’s sharp but easy to drink. Sweet. For such a high ABV, it is smooth.
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US Spirit US Spirit (82)
Rating: 5.0 (2015-12-07)
This is the most special bourbon, the most special spirit I've tried to date. My bottle does not have an age statement, and Willet's website no longer says a word about the age, but proof66 lists this as a 15 year old bourbon, and given the character of this 117 proof (according to my bottle's label) cask strength bourbon, I believe them. This is ridiculously thick, rich, even oily as Booker's is, but yet its so smooth I feel ice is totally unnecessary. There is no burn whatsoever, maybe a bit of tingle, but when Willett's site says this drinks like a 100 proof bourbon they're understating the case if anything (the only 100 proof bourbon I've had that's this smooth is 4 Roses Single Barrel). So far I've found the nose unremarkable, but the taste is incredible. It's like pecan pie, only without much of the sugar, or maybe pecan butter with a just a hint of salt and maybe a hint of cocoa. If I really chew this around I can also get rye, grass, and a barrel char that feels like I have a charcoal briquette in my mouth, yet is not bitter at all. As with Booker's, my pallet might not be sophisticated enough to be worthy of this bourbon, but unlike Booker's this is so obviously excellent that I think I can still appreciate it fully, or almost fully. As another reviewer noted, its also impossible to dilute this stuff with ice (I tried one dram iced and nearly 60% alcohol melts the cubes fast), but I would not ice again because it still cools the bourbon which isn't the ideal way to drink this imo. My bottle cost me $47 which is insane for a 15 year old cask strength bourbon. If you are a bourbon fan in general get a bottle of this while its still available. Sooner or later the market in general will catch on and my local liquor store will probably have to raffle off the chance to buy this at full price the way they do with Pappy Van Winkle. This still isn't for complete amateurs, but its more approachable than Booker's. I'd say if you know of a 100 proof bourbon you feel is sippable neat, then you can also handle Noah's Mill. It's incredible. It's not my every day favorite, it's too strong, too rich for that, but still, I'd give this 6 stars if I could.
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sixfoot sixfoot (5)
Rating: 3.0 (2015-10-29)
Similar in profile to Bookers, but not as strong or smokey.
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Buck Mulligan Buck Mulligan (80)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-06-11)
As with its younger, and slightly less potent younger sibling (Rowans Creek), Noahs Mill is a rich, full bodied dram. If drinking neat, be careful and sip slowly. If over ice, dont be shy! Its impossible to water this bourbon down with ice alone. This is mellow for a cask strength, and is sweet and smoky and has great flavor.
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jaketaz jaketaz (240)
Rating: 1.0 (2015-03-23)
I'm a big fan of cask-strength and other high-proof spirits, such as Stagg Jr., Booker's, Bone Snapper, etc, and this was one of the most acidic and harsh bourbons I've ever tried. A lot of cask-strength drinkers know that high-proof bourbons often actually taste sweeter than regular strength spirits, so it's quite a letdown to me that this was so harsh. I tasted this in a flight with Rowan's Creek and Willet Pot Still, and it tasted like a mess in comparison. As you do when tasting a flight, I added water to each and tried tasting each again, and the water did little to change my opinion. I didn't get much of the toasted oak, caramel, or vanilla expected of a good bourbon, instead tasting what seemed like burnt peat, and it came off more like a bad un-aged Scotch than a bourbon. Provided I get lucky enough to actually find a bottle, I'll stick with my Stagg Jr., as this raw and unrefined tasting product is not scratching my high-proof itch.
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StanMemTn StanMemTn (152)
Rating: 3.0 (2014-07-07)
I enjoyed this bourbon well enough. The char/wood presence is the main thing I'll remember of it. There is a bucking fire-y quality to it that was fun. It reminded me a good deal of Dancing Pines bourbon out of Colorado. I drank this as the second bourbon in a series of cask-strength whiskeys. The cask strength Elijah Craig 12 year dominated the tasting so it's possible my appreciation for this whiskey suffered in comparison.
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NeatPour NeatPour (361)
Rating: 5.0 (2014-07-04)
4.65/5, a great cask strength bourbon. One of the best in my opinion. It kind of taste likes a cask strength version of Willet with some really great char notes. I favor it to wild turkey rare breed, bookers, and George t stagg jr. All good cask strength bourbons. I haven't had gst yet but so far this is the finest cask strength bourbon I've tried
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