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Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Mountain Made Corn Whiskey

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Ole Smoky Original Tennessee Moonshine is un-aged (which is why it clear instead of the more customary brown hue acquired from aging) and made from a blend of 80% corn and 20% unnamed "secret" grains (very likely wheat or rye).

Ole Smoky whiskeys are made in Tennessee at the Ole Smoky Distillery. They claim a heritage of "true moonshining" where their ancestors first settled the Smoky Mountains and got by with a little help from illicit distilling.

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Madam_Matney Madam_Matney (17)
Rating: 3.5 (2017-05-17)
I like it more than I expected. I was hesitant about commercialized moonshine. I have lived my whole life in the mountains a little more than an hour from the Smoky Mountain distillery...all I had ever had was the kind of shine that you can't get at the ABC store. As far as what can be bought off the shelf, I haven't yet found one I like more than this. I love the slightly rough and 'harsh' burn from moonshine.
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Allan Allan (225)
Rating: 1.0 (2015-07-26)
I grew up in the SAME Appalachian mountains as "Ole Smoky" and Popcorn Sutton. I was drinking Popcorns white liquor before anyone but us locals knew who he was; and have a good grasp on the category. This is ROUGH. I suspect there is a good amount of sugar added to kickstart the fermentation. If your around Gatlinburg, I suggest you try Davey Crocketts white liquor I tried this weekend. Better corn flavor and not as harsh. And yes Muncher... If you only have one grain, It leads to a strong flavor of that grain.
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flintquatch flintquatch (221)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-09-22)
Its supposed to be rough, its freaking moonshine. Deep corn flavor and heavy alcohol. Decent shine
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Muncher Muncher (663)
Rating: 1.0 (2014-02-23)
Tastes like a combination of rubbing alcohol and creamed corn juice. Only way to get it down is to cover it up with strong flavored mixers and plug your nose while drinking fast.
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Review Comments
Allan (2015-07-26):
The reason for the strong corn juice flavor is the same reason most whiskeys have a blend of grains. To diversify the flavor profile. Unfortunatly this category is about proof not quality. Remember.... there's a reason they age whiskey. It gets better!

antiquecollector antiquecollector (32)
Rating: 5.0 (2014-01-08)
Great corn flavor and smooth. It's 100 proof but I can't tell by drinking it straight from the jar!
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