Irish Whiskey - Blended

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Origine Blended Irish Whiskey

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Origine Spirits is a brand that calls themselves a "curated collection of the world's finest ultra-premium spirits." They seek out liquors that meet their criteria and then put their own label (and marketing and distribution) behind it.

Origine Irish Whiskey is a malt and grain blend that, according to a number of blog reports, sourced in the Cooley Distillery of Ireland.

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Weaselwhisky Weaselwhisky (72)
Rating: 2.3 (2017-04-26)[Updated Review]
Origine no longer is sold around the world, as it was discontinued from Beam Suntory's buyout of Kilbbaggan/Cooley Distillery- which the info of where it was distilled at is maybe Cooley? The only other substantial review is Whisky Jug's. I got Origine for 10 bones at a Albertson's(CA grocery). Nosing Banana(after opening up for a while), barley and honey, Styrofoam cup(oh yes, it's true), dank underwood, totally fake vanilla. Tasting wise honeyed raw barley, a tingle of spice but not really, overly boiled and steamed yellow cake(???), underwood, mom's tupperware party malt flavor that may have dated a banana, and woody lemon. Finish is not smooth, but not hard, but Mom's tupperware party Malt flavor is there. Doesn't mix well, but it's better suited to dairy based cocktails or Irish coffee. It's not rutgut, just very strange. If I had to guess in a weird comparison during my whole session with Origine, that this would be Jameson's Black Barrel's ugly cousin, because some of it felt like if it were better taken care of, it would be part of Black Barrel's whiskey composition.
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