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Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 22yr Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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The Orphan Barrel project is a fascinating adventure in uncovering "forgotten" stocks of whiskey. This is not as uncommon as it might sound with whiskey quietly aging in warehouses for a decade or more long after the company that laid them down has moved on. Diageo founded the project to launch limited edition whiskeys from these stores.

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Golfcollector Golfcollector (20)
Rating: 4.7 (2017-04-05)[Updated Review]
Was surprised to see this has not been reviewed yet, however the Rhetoric 20 has, the 21 (which I alas no longer have in my bar) and the 22 have I will review the 22 year. Rhetoric continues to be my "go to" of higher priced bourbon......mainly because I can no longer secure The Lost Prophet. I enjoyed the 20 yr, liked the 21, and like the 22 even more. While the flavor profile is tending to get a bit more oak heavy to my taste as the years of aging progress with the Rhetoric line, I like this, it isn't too overpowering...I really enjoy the caramel , vanilla, and nutty flavor with a late hint of spice. I often have a small handful of almonds, pecans or hazelnuts to snack on while sipping this one at home. The nuts make a nice pairing with the earthy tones of this bourbon IMO. The long lasting finish makes this one you don't want to hurry along, and this is one I have at home when I really need a "nice drink after a long day" My only complaint is that it is hard to locate and even harder to find places that ship to my state. If you have not tried Rhetoric, and don't mind spending a little extra, I would highly recommend this one as one of my favorites
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