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Prichard's Lincoln County Lightning

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Prichard's Lincoln County Lightning is part of a new trend in offering un-aged whiskey (also notoriously known as "moonshine" or "white lightning" for the clear nature of the spirit and often its alcoholic kick). It is made from white corn. They say it has a "wonderful flavor of white corn straight off the cob." This, they say, is important because white corn has a significantly higher sugar content than yellow, becoming (paradoxically but this is what they said) "a bold, mellow whiskey."

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Cranecreek Cranecreek (294)
Rating: 4.8 (2016-11-15)[Updated Review]
Decades ago I had business associates in the logging industry. Around the holidays there were hand painted reused bottles with holiday scenes and bows and ribbons. This was the very best of the best actual Moonshine from Northwest Arkansas. Most legal "Shine" you will find is nothing more than some distilleries "new make". This "White Dog" is nothing like the real item. Un-aged Corn whiskey is what real moonshine is. Over the years I have had some of these "legal shines" and I can say without a doubt that this Prichard's is as real as you could ever taste. Is it good? No, not particularly. Think Karo syrup over corn fritters and though not that sweet that is the flavor. That Moonshine I had back then was quite a bit hotter, probably about 110 proof. Plus there was an ever so slight note of a propane presence. But if you have ever been curious about what Moonshine tasted like than this is as close as you can experience. (score is only against other legal moonshine products)
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