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Troy & Sons Oak Reserve Heirloom Moonshine Whiskey

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Rating: 4.0 (2015-01-22)
With all the controversy surrounding a couple "handcrafted" "small batch" spirits in recent weeks, I decided on my last trip to the ABC store to pick up an actual small distiller's handcrafted product, Troy & Sons Oak Reserve. Produced in my state from locally grown heirloom corn, this comes in around $35. This is the ceiling of my price range, so I had been reluctant to try it. Let me say that it was $35 well spent! Great heavy bottle with unique shape, attractive labeling and heavy wooden stopper. Definitely will look good in your home bar. This has a light amber or blonde color in the glass. The nose is great, heavy on vanilla with just a hint of oak. You can definitely tell this is a young spirit. This whiskey hits the mouth with an incredible (and unexpected) sweetness! Caramel, vanilla and brown sugary. This gives way to smoke and leather, followed by a dry finish and a delayed warmth. This is a high quality spirit. Great sipping whiskey. So different than any other whiskey I've tried. Will not replace my bourbons or ryes, but I can see this working in many of the same cocktails giving them a fresh take. With such little time in the barrel, you have to start with a great pure spirit, so I'm now looking forward to trying the unaged version (Troy & Sons Moonshine). If you can find it in your area, I highly recommend!
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