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Vicomte 8yr Cognac Barrel Aged Single Malt Whisky

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Vicomte 8yr Single Malt whisky is made in France, aged for 8 years and bottled at a relatively benign 80 proof. As a single malt, it is made from a base of 100% malted barley grown in the French Charentes region (known the world wide for wine grapes and cognac production). In a move uncharacteristic of whisky in general but very, very French, it is aged not in ex-bourbon barrels or Spanish sherry casks (both very common in the whisky world) but rather in cognac barrels (very uncommon).

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danurdan danurdan (21)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-01-30)
If I were French this would be my scotch. It's very light on the tongue has an exceptional nose and sips smooth. It's not your traditional scotch and not very challenging but it has a great flavor. Not something you'd stock in your hunting lodge but a perfect companion to a bachelor pad. Chicks can appreciate this.
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Proof66 Staff Proof66 Staff (173)
Rating: 3.0 (2015-10-17)
We found Vicomte to be one of the lightest-bodied, easiest-drinking whiskies on the market. We found strong notes of apple (some thought cotton candy), along with other fruit, to go with that airy lightness. We feel if Vicomte aimed to achieve a very approachable, non-threatening whisky, then they largely succeeded. People looking for single barrel bourbon and cask strength scotch (and certainly peat-ridden Islay scotch) will be disappointed. More plainly, f you like to have single combat with your whisky or that every sip is a specific commitment requiring concentration and resilience, you won’t find that level of fight with the French version. But for drinkability, gentleness, and a merciful conduct on its way to your liver, this gets high marks. We think a cask-strength version, or at least a much higher-proof version, would improve this whisky dramatically.
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