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Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey

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Westward Oregon Straight Malt is part of their Stillwater Series whiskey. They say it is made int he Irish style but using Pacific Northwest 2-row barley as the grain source. It is aged in #2 char barrels (very light and what some would probably call "toasted"--many bourbons use #4 char) for at least 2 years to qualify for the "straight" designation.

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How To Drink It

Malt Whiskey Fizz

2 oz Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey

½ oz Cointreau

1 oz Freshly pressed lemon juice

½ oz Cane syrup

½ oz Egg whites

Soda water

4 drops Angostura Bitters

PREPARATION: In a pint glass, add mixers & spirits (through egg whites); Shake without ice; Fill with ice & shake vigorously; Fine strain into a highball glass; Top with soda water and Angostura Bitters

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mohitparihar mohitparihar (8)
Rating: 4.8 (2017-02-17)[Updated Review]
This american whiskey or Whisky what ever you like to call is made in oregon U.S.A, made from a mash of 100% barley grain , The single malt itself is dubbed “Oregon Straight” which means it is aged 2 years or more , ( to be called a straight whiskey , it must be aged 2 years or more, no colors or aditives added, straight means out of barrel just water may have been added , nothing else added ) but it actually aged two years in # 02 charred new oak barrels and bottled in at a just-right 45% ABV. Double pot distilled . # 2 char is used in new oak barrels to mature this whiskey .This is not charcol filtered like many American whiskeys but distilled like a traditional scotch whisky . Produced in small batch. Made by using Ale yeast ( Ale yeasts are referred to as top-fermenting because much of the fermentation action takes place at the top of the fermenter, there is one important difference, Between Ale yeast strains and Larger yeast strains and that is temperature. Ale yeasts like warmer temperatures, going dormant below about 55°F /12 degrees celcius ) and locally available barley grain, 100% barley grain, this is authentic American Single malt Whisky. Aged in new charred Oak barrels . Tasting Notes: Alcohol, vanilla and copper on the nose ,also include light, creamy flavors of toffee and cloves. The leather and wood flavors of the rye malt clearly over take any peaty and smoky notes, but still some peaty and smokey notes . pipe tobacco, cooked barley, and delicate toasted barrel spices, very authentic malted 100% barley single malt whisey very unique very very best in its own category if not it is in my humble opinion One of the best , most likley the very best authentic 'Oregon Straight' American Single malt , 100% barley grain whiskey available in market . ----------------------------x---------------x COCKTAIL RECIPE OREGON SPEEDBALL INGREDIENTS 1 oz Westward Straight Whiskey 1 oz House Spirits Coffee Liqueur 1 oz Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Splash of Cream Splash of Bitters PREPARATION In a mixing glass, add spirits & mixers (through stumptown coffee) Fill with ice & stir Strain into an ice filled old fashion glass Add cream and bitters Garnish with orange oil ENJOY
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