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Wild Turkey 17yr Master's Keep Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Wild Turkey 17yr Master's Keep bourbon was released in 2016 as specialty bourbon after aging for 17 years (making it the oldest bourbon in the Wild Turkey at the time of its release). For the storied brand, it is the first release for distiller Edie Russell, scion of the venerable and sorely missed Jimmy Russell. The press release announced that the whiskey was laid down in 1997 in emergency stone warehouses that were later returned and aged in traditional wodden warehouses.

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"It needs nothing more than a bit of water to balance the alcohol heat." [Editor's note: from the 2016 Wine Enthusiast review (Kara Newman)]

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Bourbon Journey Bourbon Journey (97)
Rating: 4.2 (2017-07-04)[Updated Review]
On a recent trip to Manhattan, KS I elected to try the WT 17 year offering (which can still be found in some very select stores in the KC area) at Bourbon & Baker, local eating establishment. Unfortunately, I had this in a rocks glass so the aromas were hard to pick up. Nonetheless, this bourbon is very complex. Floral noses, citrus, mint together with caramel and vanilla on the nose with the palate having floral, oak, mint, cherry, and followed by medicinal red wine on the back end. The finish was fairly short and smooth with the red wine flavor following through. Very unique but the wine tannin (maybe pipe tobacco) threw me off. I'm not sure I was prepared for this one. I liked it but I'm not sure I would pay $140-150 retail for a full bottle (so I'm deducting a couple of basis points from my review). I need to think about the funky medicinal/wine/flavored tobacco notes some more and will update if I can better identify this unique flavor.
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