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Willett Family Estate 2yr Straight Rye Whiskey

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The Willett Family Estate 2yr Rye Whiskey is a younger whiskey (2 years is the minimum to qualify for the "straight rye" label) and this generally means that the flavor of the grain will be front-and-center. It is bottled at a heady 109.4 proof (they describe it as barrel strength), far more than the 80s and 90s typically seen in whiskey and we would guess is an appeal to whiskey enthusiasts who are sensitive about dilution of their product. They suggest looking for flavors of mint, honey, citrus, and (oddly) corn among others.

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Rating: 5.0 (2017-02-04)
I cannot believe there is no rating or comments for this fine spirit. The proof of the 3yr old I have is 111.2 and is fantastic over spring water ice cubes. Smooth and mellow with any of my fine smokes. Caramel , vanilla and honey with the right amount of spice. I have made comparison to the Bulleit 95 rye and it is night and day. do not get me wrong with Bulleit as an everyday sipping on the rocks whiskey, it has it's fine points as well. for having such a high ABV% I am guessing the 74% mash with a 51% mash bill makes this very drinkable otr. I lucked out in getting the last bottle of this limited Family Reserve. I was deliberating over Willet and Pikesville at the time and will soon try the later and will get back to you on a taste comparison. Oh I failed to mention I will get the opportunity to do a side by side taste of Willet and the very elusive Sazerac 6yr rye. I had the fortune to finely find this closely guarded spirit. enjoy and drink well !
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Review Comments
Proof66 Staff (2017-02-04):
Glad to see this bottle get some love because we like it too! It's young but well-executed!


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